Premier Hunts of New Mexico

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Welcome to Premier Hunts of New Mexico. My name is Art Orthman and I have been guiding and outfitting hunters in New Mexico since 1988.  I am a native of New Mexico and outfitting is the only thing I do.  Premier Hunts of New Mexico is a small operation and we are dedicated to providing you with a high-quality, memorable hunt.  Being small offers me the chance to get to visit with each individual and customize your hunt to your style and physical ability.  Most of my clients are repeat or referrals year after year.

Because outfitting is my full time job, I spend most of my time, during the off season, scouting out the best places to hunt in New Mexico to find your trophy!  Almost all of our hunts are on private ranches that I have leased, but I also conduct some hunts on public land in areas that produce trophy animals.

On all of our hunts, we provide all accommodations, including all meals, 2 on 1 guide service, and top quality field care of your trophy.  All of our hunts are 100% fair chase. 1 on 1 hunts can be arranged.



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